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Maxima Internationalization with GNU Gettext

Maxima is prepared to show its messages in any language selected by the
user. The current languages accepted are the ones in the list
TRANSLATIONS at the top of

1. Starting a new language. Copy maxima.pot to LANG.po, where LANG is
the ISO code for the new language. Translate the strings in LANG.po;
we recommend that you start by translating the strings from program
macsys.lisp. Add LANG to the list TRANSLATIONS and LANG.po and
to the list EXTRA_DIST at the top of Maxima's configure
script should be given the option --enable-gettext to compile it with
Gettext support.

2. Updating a language translation. Run the command:
    msgmerge -U LANG.po maxima.pot
where LANG is the two-letters code for the language.

3. Updating maxima.pot for a new Maxima version. Run the following
    make force-update
    make maxima.pot

Jaime Villate,, October 2014.
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