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This directory contains files that are useful in conjunction with 
various TeX-based terminal types.

The file 'gnuplot.cfg' is loaded by epslatex plots in 'standalone' mode
if in the LaTeX search path.  Feel free to edit 'gnuplot.cfg' and put it
somewhere into the LaTeX search path (normally,
'$TEXMFLOCAL/tex/latex/gnuplot', '$TEXMFHOME/tex/latex/gnuplot', or the
current working directory).  If your LaTeX distribution contains the 
programme 'kpsexpand', the Makefile installes 'gnuplot.cfg' into 
'$TEXMFLOCAL/tex/latex/gnuplot' and updates LaTeX's file database.
Harald Harders 2005

The file 'gnuplot-lua-tikz.sty' is needed to process the *.tex files
output by the lua/tikz terminal driver.  It can be regenerated by
running the gnupuplot-tikz.lua script:
     lua gnuplot-tikz.lua style
Peter Hedwig 2009
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