Index of /gnuplot-5.2.1/m4/

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up Parent Directory 15-Oct-2017 02:46 - unknown 15-Oct-2017 02:45 4k unknown 04-May-2012 21:11 4k unknown 15-Oct-2017 02:45 16k unknown alpha.m4 22-Feb-2007 18:52 4k unknown apple.m4 25-Feb-2015 04:38 4k unknown beos.m4 07-Jan-2004 14:43 4k unknown msdos.m4 21-Oct-2006 12:55 4k unknown pkg.m4 04-Feb-2007 18:58 8k

These files are used by a program called aclocal (part of the GNU automake
package).  aclocal uses these files to create aclocal.m4 which is in turn
used by autoconf to create the configure script at the the top level in
this distribution.

The file in this directory is automatically generated
from the template file,
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