Index of /gnuplot-5.2.1/config/

      Name                                                                             Last modified         Size  Description
up Parent Directory 15-Oct-2017 02:46 - directory MacOSX 15-Oct-2017 02:46 - directory cygwin 15-Oct-2017 02:46 - directory mingw 15-Oct-2017 02:46 - directory msvc 15-Oct-2017 02:46 - directory watcom 15-Oct-2017 02:46 - unknown 15-Oct-2017 02:45 4k unknown 04-May-2012 21:11 4k unknown 15-Oct-2017 02:45 16k unknown 19-Nov-2007 21:17 8k unknown config.cyg 02-May-2014 01:21 20k unknown config.dj2 18-Apr-2012 00:13 16k unknown config.mgw 01-Jul-2017 05:15 20k unknown config.nt 30-Jul-2017 16:44 20k unknown config.os2 29-Dec-2014 04:38 20k unknown config.oww 30-Aug-2017 03:40 20k unknown config.wc 18-Apr-2012 00:13 4k [TXT] 03-Nov-2000 13:33 4k unknown 01-Oct-1999 13:53 4k unknown makefile.cyg 16-Aug-2014 00:10 12k unknown makefile.dj2 12-Jan-2016 01:12 8k unknown makefile.emx 12-Jan-2016 01:12 8k unknown makefile.g 19-Nov-2007 21:17 4k unknown makefile.os2 12-Jan-2016 01:18 16k unknown makefile.vms 24-Sep-2014 01:50 8k unknown makefile.wc 18-Aug-2014 03:51 4k

- EAM Oct 2007: give up on Atari platforms
- EAM Mar 2010: give up on Amiga and 16-bit DOS, WIN

List of files:
cygwin/Makefile: Makefile for Cygwin on Windows
mingw/Makefile:  Makefile for MinGW/MSYS and GNU make on Windows
msvc/Makefile:   Makefile for Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 or later and nmake on Windows
watcom/Makefile: Makefile for OpenWatcom C++ on Windows Shell script on VMS Shell script on VMS
makefile.unx: Generic makefile for unixes
makefile.dj2: Makefile for DJGPP version 2 on DOS
makefile.emx: Makefile for use with emx-0.8f/gcc and ndmake 4.5 on DOS
makefile.g:   Makefile on GRASS (a geographic information system)
makefile.os2: Makefile for gcc/emx on OS/2
makefile.vms: Makefile on VMS
makefile.wc:  Makefile for Watcom C 9.5a on DOS
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